Bach's solo violin music -
essentials for performance, enjoyment, inspiration.

J.S. Bach dated the autograph manuscript of his solos for unaccompanied violin 1720. Three centuries on, The Bach Project celebrates these iconic works in the history of violin music and its performance. That this music continues to play a central role in violinists’ lives is reflected by its presence in every important international violin competition, and in auditions both for advanced study and for professional positions. The Bach Project offers an in-depth experience of this extraordinary music, bringing together practical approaches to performance, recent research into the compositional history, as well as discussions and a demonstration of the most important dance movements in the partitas.

The Bach Project includes:

  • Filmed masterclasses covering all six works, taught by John Holloway, Professor emeritus for (modern) Violin and Chamber Music at the famous College of Music in Dresden, Germany, and a pioneer of the modern Early Music movement in Europe
  • Discussion and demonstration of the relevant dance movements, with Baroque dance specialist and violinist Mojca Gal
  • Informative and accessible essays
  • Suggested Reading and Listening

The Bach Project: bringing this eternal music into the 21st century